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Why Run for State Senate?

"I want my daughters to grow up in an environment where their faith and conservative values are not attacked or vanished because of the progressive movement. Everything in politics, in the media and society in general has this sudden sense of urgency for everything to be so progressive."

The attack on conservative values and the progressive mindset that is plaguing Gwinnett county has prompted Noemi to act now because it matters to her family.

Our Republican leaders are challenged more and more to stand their ground. Part of being conservative is the desire to retain a sense of center and a moral compass for our lives, for our children’s future and our governing process. Noemi is dedicated to protecting these shared values and bring a sense of grace and stability to discussion and disagreement for more effective solutions.

As an attorney practicing in Gwinnett county, Noemi has witnessed firsthand the effect of a liberal agenda. Noemi is of the attitude that we must not be complacent and accepting of this aggressive movement. Noemi wants to be the voice of the people she serves and be part of the conversation in ways that has not been done before. She wants to set the tempo for the future of Gwinnett and expand the conservative crusade. Noemi wants to focus on getting away from the polarizing debates and instead build relationships where she can reach across the table and agree to disagree but bring forth solutions and results.

Noemi Puntier is running for State Senate to leverage conservative ideals as a means to create unity and achieve more effective problem solving in our government. Throughout her life and career, Noemi has been led to serve others. She is not the type of person who sees obstacles, but instead sets goals and works harder than everyone else to make connections and make things happen. Noemi is a problem solver who cuts through uncertainty and gets results and she wants to put that approach to work in the political process to create positive results for her district.

Conservative Champion
Noemi is pro-life and supports the Heartbeat Bill. She supports Second Amendment rights and will stand firm on fiscal responsibility and accountability in our government.

As an immigrant and an attorney who practices immigration law, Noemi supports President Trump in his call to secure our borders. As a proud US Citizen, she believes America is still that “shinning city on a hill” and she brings a unique perspective and understanding of the priorities on this topic.

Noemi has built her law practice from the ground up. She recognizes the challenges of growing a business and taking on the responsibilities as an employer. She will promote pro-business policies that cut regulations and keep Georgia in the lead as the best place to do business.

Noemi believes that Obamacare creates more red tape and increased cost, penalizing hard-working people. She will promote policies that improve healthcare programs in Georgia, providing more options and protection for citizens in her district.

Growing up in public housing in the Bronx, Noemi was led to believe that most everyone in that environment voted for democrats. As she began her business and her family, and as she became more grounded in her faith, she recognized that her values were truly aligned with conservative principles. Noemi is confident in her faith, stands strong on her values and feels led to make a difference in the political process.

"With a unique background and perspective, I intend to be a fresh voice for the Republican Party, create a united front across the district, lead with integrity and achieve results in the Georgia State Senate."

Committee to Elect Noemi Puntier
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